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A rather large sandcastle 一座大沙堡


A family admires a giant monument made of sand at the Sand festival Ruhr at Lake Kemnade in Bochum, Germany, July 30, 2007. 一家人在七月三十日參觀德國波鴻肯納德湖舉辦的魯爾沙雕節時,對一座巨大的沙雕作品驚駭不已。


The sculpture in the photograph is made entirely of sand. It was built by 12 artists from 4 different countries. It is 10m high and it took 300 tons of sand to build it.

The sculpture, called The myth of Odysseus is part of a sand festival held in western Germany. Sand sculpting festivals are held in many different countries. In Travemuende, north Germany, they hold one every year. The theme for this year's festival is "A journey through time."

Even though the festival is held on a beach, the sculptures aren't made out of the sand from the beach. Special sand is brought from Berlin. The special sand is much easier to mold, and sticks together much better. This year the organizers brought 9,000 tons of sand to Travemuende.

More than 70 sculptors from 15 different countries have helped make the display in Travemuende. The festival will run until Sep. 2.






1. sculpture n.

雕塑 (diao1 su4)

例: My aunt has an amazing sculpture of a horse in her hallway.


2. mold v.i/v.t.

塑形 (su4 xing2)

例: You can mold playdough into lots of different shapes.


3. organizer n.

主辦人 (zhu3 ban4 ren2)

例: My dad is one of the organizers of our school fair.


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