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Companies to show kids fewer junk food ads 美國企業決定 少播兒童垃圾食物廣告

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A man has a drink at a stand selling Coca-Cola in Khartoum, Sudan, June 4, 2007. 六月四日在蘇丹首都喀土穆,一名男子在販售可口可樂的小販旁喝飲料。


A group of big US companies will advertise less junk food to kids in the US. They want to help fight child obesity.

McDonald's, Coca-Cola and nine other companies said they will have fewer ads for junk food during kids TV shows.

There are too many heavy children in the US. Studies show that 20 percent of US kids are obese.

A study by doctors found that US kids see about 3,000 junk food ads a day.

Now the 11 companies are promising to only advertise healthier food to children. The companies are doing so because a lot of people are angry at them because of all the obese kids.

"We want to be part of the solution," said Chris Shea, who works for a company that makes a lot of sugary cereals.

But some people think the companies are not doing enough. They want the government to make stronger laws.









1. advertise v.i. /v.t.

登廣告 (deng1 guang3 gao4)

例: We advertise our bicycles in sports magazines.


2. obesity n.

肥胖 (fei2 pang4)

例: Obesity is a big problem among Taiwanese kids. (肥胖是台灣孩童的重大問題。)

3. ad n.

廣告 (guang3 gao4)

例: I go to the bathroom when ads are on TV.


4. healthier adj.

更健康的 (geng4 jian4 kang1 de5)

例: Ally should eat healthier foods like apples.


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