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Sunday Science: Balloon rockets 週日科學:氣球火箭

This week we’re going to build a rocket which will transport cargo and demonstrate Newton’s third law. This experiment is mess-free, but be sure to be careful where you construct it. Make sure that it’s not in a place where people might walk into it.這一週,我們要來製造火箭。這種火箭可以用來運貨,也可以證明牛頓第三運動定律喔。實驗過程不會一團亂,但還是要慎選製造火箭的地點,不要在別人會經過的地方造火箭喔!

By Catherine Thomas  /  STAFF WRITER


Balloon rockets氣球火箭

What you will need

Sticky tape

A balloon (a long skinny one or shiny one works best)

A clothes peg

A strawv

An old cereal box (or some thin cardboard/stiff paper)

A paper or plastic cup

A long piece of fishing line (Be very careful with this as it is very hard to see once hung up. Smooth string will also work fine.)

Some small items to use as cargo


A stopwatch or a watch with a second hand (optional)

*Blow up the balloon to check how big it is. Secure the mouth with the clothes peg.

*Using the cereal box, tape and straw, build a small container to carry your cargo. Think about the size of your balloon and cargo. NOTE: The straw will have the fishing line threaded through it to create the track for your rocket, so include it in a way that allows this!

*Thread the fishing line through the straw.

*Attach the container to the balloon using the tape. Don't use much tape on the balloon.

*Take one end of the fishing line and tape it to the wall at around chest height (be careful, the tape might remove paint from walls.)

*You can either attach the other end of the line to something or hold it. NEVER leave fishing wire up when you are not there. It can cause accidents.

*Put your cargo in the container. Unclip the clothes peg and watch your rocket go. If you have problems check the Further Ideas box.


















Science Journal 科學日誌

What powers a real rocket? How do you think you can power your rocket without using any gas or electricity? How much weight do you think your rocket might be able to carry? How do you expect the rocket to behave if it is carrying something heavy? Something light? Why do you think that you need to use fishing wire or smooth string for this experiment? Do you think that changing the shape or the size of the balloon will change the way the rocket acts?




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