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Japanese eating less fish, more meat 日本人少吃魚 改吃肉

Photo taken Dec. 20, 2006, shows a sushi chef holding a dish of sushi at a Tokyo sushi bar.去年十二月二十日,東京一家壽司吧的壽司師父展示一盤壽司.


Sushi may be gaining followers around the world, but in Japan red meat may have overtaken fish on dinner tables as young people embrace Western-style food, the government said on May 22.

The carnivorous trend marks a turning point for Japan, which ate little meat other than seafood until the late 19th century.

Japan's annual volume of seafood purchases by households has plunged more than 20 percent over the past 40 years to 12.7kg per person in 2005, the fishery agency said in a white paper.

By contrast, purchases of other meat by Japanese households more than doubled to 12.6kg over the same period, the agency's annual report said.

"It would be no surprise if meat consumption has already surpassed seafood consumption by now," said Tomomi Hirano, a fishery agency official.

The decline in fish consumption was partially due to rising fish prices and a growing taste for easy-to-cook meat, but "the biggest reason behind the decline in seafood consumption is a change in people's tastes, particularly children," Hirano said.

Hirano added that "young generations are shifting their taste from traditional fish foods to meat-oriented dishes that we can often see in Western foods."

Some 32 percent of families said they cook meat more than fish because their family members, mostly children, dislike fish dishes, the report said.

"Those who did like fish in their childhood tend to avoid cooking fish when they grow up," Hirano said. "It's a vicious circle." (AFP)






Jessie: I took my family out to dinner the other day.

Brenna: Oh yeah? Where did you guys go?

Jessie: Well, since my sister doesn't like seafood but my parents do, we went to a Japanese barbeque place.

Brenna: Did everyone enjoy the food that you ordered?

Jessie: It really hit the spot. Everyone left full and happy.






hit the spot 心滿意足,合胃口

If something hits the spot, then it satisfies you, especially food or drink. "I was so thirsty after eating those fries. The iced tea really hit the spot."

若某事「hit the spot」,就是讓你感到滿足,尤其是指食物或飲料。例如︰「我吃了這些薯條後好渴,這杯冰茶正合我意」。





「小時候喜歡吃魚的人長大後往往會避免煮魚,」平野女士說︰「這是惡性循環。」 (法新社/翻譯︰賴美君)

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