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American clothes shoppers buy more online 美國人網路購衣 呈成長趨勢

Drew Johnson, left, and Mack Sawicki, right, try "cyber shopping" with an interactive window display outside the Ralph Lauren store along the Magnificent Mile shopping district in Chicago, Illinois, Nov. 27, 2006.去年十一月二十七日在伊利諾州芝加哥市的「華麗一英里」購物區,朱爾.強生(左)與瑪可.索維琪(右)在Ralph Lauren的商店外,試著用互動展示窗進行「網路購物」。


Americans spent more online on clothing than on computers for the first time in history, a survey showed on May 14.

The survey conducted by National Retail Federation's online unit,, found apparel, accessories and footwear sales hit US$18.3 billion (NT$604 billion) in 2006, ahead of the long-running sector leader of computer hardware and software, with sales of US$17.2 billion (NT$567 billion).

"Apparel retailers have overcome a number of hurdles to encourage shoppers to buy clothing and accessories online," said Scott Silverman, executive director of

"Retailers are doing such a great job online that in some cases it's easier to find and buy clothing on the web than it is in a store."

The report said apparel retailers have encouraged online sales through free or discounted shipping and easy exchange policies. They also are using technologies on their sites where customers can zoom and rotate merchandise or see the item in different colors before buying.

The survey predicted online apparel sales in 2007 will make up around 10 percent of all clothing sales.

According to a report prepared by Forrester Research, 2007 online sales including travel are expected to rise 18 percent to US$259.1 billion (NT$8.5 trillion) after a 25 percent jump in 2006.

"As consumers flood the Web to purchase merchandise and research products, online retail is moving full speed ahead," said Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester Research.

Another sign that e-commerce has come of age is that profitability throughout the sector has stabilized. Eighty-three percent of respondents to the survey reported profitability and 78 percent said they were more profitable than in 2005.(AFP)


Courtney: Do you want to go shopping this weekend?

Kristen: No thanks. I buy most of the things I need online now.

Courtney: Even clothes? I always thought it was too hard to tell if they will fit without trying them on.

Kristen: In some cases that's true, but the Web site I use for clothes provides a lot of measurements, which helps.

Courtney: Imagine that. Make sure to e-mail me that link.






imagine that 真不可思議

If someone says imagine that, he means whatever you just said is very surprising or incredible. For example: "John said he was going on a trip to 50 different countries next year. Imagine that."

假如有人說「imagine that」,是指你提到的事情讓人相當意外或不可思議。例如︰「約翰說他明年要到五十個國家旅行。真不可思議」。







根據市場研究公司Forrester Research的報告,去年包含旅遊商品在內的網路銷售暴漲25%後,今年預計將成長18%,達到兩千五百九十一億美元(新台幣八兆五千億元)。

Forrester Research的蘇察莉塔.穆普拉說︰「消費者湧入網站購買商品與研究產品時,線上零售就全速衝刺。」



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