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The Adventures of Kathleen the Great and Mark the Meek 英勇凱薩琳與害羞馬克歷險記

Meet Kathleen the mouse and Mark the elephant. Kathleen is very brave and likes adventure, but Mark is very shy and scared of many things. But friends stay together, so Mark follows Kathleen wherever she goes. Sometimes they get into some very sticky situations.


A New Year's party to remember 難忘的新年派對

Mark and Kathleen were eating dinner at home with their friends Sarah the sheep and Larry the lion.

"Mmm, this is delicious broccoli and cheese," said Kathleen as they ate. "Thanks for cooking, Mark."

"My pleasure," Mark mumbled with a mouthful of food. "Hey, Larry and Sarah, what are you doing for New Year's Eve?"

"We are going to a festival in the park," Sarah said sheepishly.

"You're welcome to come with us!" Larry roared.

Kathleen smiled. "Great! We'll meet you on Sunday night at the park just before midnight!"

Two days later, Mark and Kathleen were waiting with noisemakers at the park entrance when Sarah and Larry arrived.

"What is there to do at this festival?" Mark asked.

"Well, there will be a parade with floats, food stands with black-eyed peas, a couple of bands playing at a concert and fireworks later," Larry replied.

"Oh, that sounds great!" Kathleen exclaimed. "Here comes the parade now!"

The first float was shaped like a giant smiling cat. Real cats on the float were throwing out noisemakers and plastic top hats.

Suddenly, the cat float veered and made a beeline for Kathleen.

Confused, Kathleen tried to jump out of the way, but the cats kept coming ...

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer)



Today's Words 今天單字

1. festival n.

慶祝活動(qing4 zhu4 huo2 dong4),節日(jie2 ri4)

During the Lunar New Year, many cities have exciting festivals.農曆新年期間,許多城市都有精彩的慶祝活動

2. noisemaker n.

噪音器(zao4 yin1 qi4)

At most New Year's parties, everyone has a noisemaker.

多數新年派對中,每個人都會拿紙捲笛。3. float n.

花車(hua1 che1)

It can take months to build a float for a parade.

打造一輛遊行花車需要好幾個月。4. veer v.t.

轉向(zhuan3 xiang4)

If you fall asleep while driving, you'll probably veer off the road.













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