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DIY cars 自己動手組車?

Have you ever seen a mechanic working on a car in his shop? Maybe your dad or another relative likes to work on his car. Now a Japanese company is going a step further. You can build their car yourself.

Japanese company Mitsuoka Motor will sell a kit-car they call the K4, a stylish and cute car with a 50cc engine. The car comes in five different colors.

The K4 can go up to 50km an hour, so you need a license to drive it.

To build the car you need to assemble over 500 different parts with some special tools that come with the car.

If you work fast, you can put the car together in 40 hours, but it will probably take at least three or four days.

If you want to build this car, you will have to pay Mitsuoka 756,000 yen (NT$210,000). But to car lovers, it might be worth it. 

(Jason Cox, Staff Writer with AFP)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. mechanic n.

技工 (ji4 gong1)

例: Scooter mechanics in Taiwan work very quickly.


2. kit-car n.

組裝車 (zu3 zhuang1 che1)

例: Kit-cars are made by many different companies.


3. assemble v.t.

組裝 (zu3 zhuang1)

例: I assembled a book shelf on Monday.


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