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As time goes by 客家年代

An ox pulls a cart at a Hakka festival in Chiayi.
一隻牛在嘉義客家文化節上拖著推車。 (照片:記者王鈺淳攝)


Have you ever been for a ride in a cart like this? A long time ago in Taiwan everyone used carts and these special type of cows, called oxen, to get around.

A hundred years ago a lot of Hakka people were farmers. Each farm had an ox. The ox would pull the plough to help plant the crops.

Then the ox would pull the cart with the grown crops on it to market. An ox is trained from a very young age. Farmers still use oxen today because they are very smart and are steadier than horses.

Sometimes people would ride on the cart too, just like in the photo.

These people in the picture are taking part in a festival in Chaiyi. The festival is celebrating the old, traditional Hakka way of life.

Festivals like this help people today understand what life was like for their ancestors.

(Catherine Thomas, staff writer)








Today's Words 今天單字

1. cart n.

推車 (tui1 che1)

例: Let's go for a ride on that horse and cart.


2. Hakka n.

客家人 (ke4 jia1 ren2) 、客家語 (ke4 jia1 yu3)

例: You can learn to speak Hakka if you listen to ICRT.


3. plough n.

犁 (li2)

例: We plough the fields before we plant the crops.


4. crop n.

作物 (zuo4 wu4)

例: In Taiwan rice is a common crop.


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