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The Adventures of Kathleen the Great and Mark the Meek 英勇凱薩琳與害羞馬克歷險記

Meet Kathleen the mouse and Mark the elephant. Kathleen is very brave and likes adventure, but Mark is very shy and scared of many things. But friends stay together, so Mark follows Kathleen wherever she goes. Sometimes they get into some very sticky situations.


Passport problems 護照問題

Kathleen and Mark arrived at the airport in Bangkok with plenty of time before their flight. "That was a great vacation," Kathleen said. "Don't you think so, Mark?"

Mark nodded. "I can't wait to get the pictures developed!"

"Yeah," Kathleen agreed. "I bet some of them are really great. We did so many exciting things! What was your favorite part of the trip?"

"Hmm ..." Mark thought for a moment. "I really enjoyed seeing all the Buddhist temples, but the beach was also so beautiful. I don't know. I liked it all!"

"Me too," Kathleen said. "As a trip, it was a success!"

They stepped up to the counter to check in. "May I have your passports, please?" the woman working there asked.

Kathleen reached into her backpack to get their passports. She took out Mark's and put it on the counter. "Hey, where's mine?" she said. "Mark, where's my passport?"

(Emily Shih, Staff Writer)









Today's Words 今天單字

1. develop v.i. /v.t.

沖洗 (chong1 xi3) ,顯影 (xian2 ying3)

例: It usually takes about an hour to get your pictures developed.


2. enjoy v.t.

享受 (xiang3 shou4) ,喜歡 (xi3 huan1)

例: Elizabeth enjoys reading, but Jessica enjoys going to the mall.


3. temple n.

寺廟 (si4 miao4)

例: When you are inside a temple, you must never point your feet at the Buddha.


4. success n.

成功 (cheng2 gong1)

例: Steven's new restaurant is a huge success; everybody wants to eat there!


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