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New world record set 刷新世界紀錄

Chaibuddee, 45, kisses a king cobra during his attempt to set a new world record.四十五歲的察布迪挑戰世界紀錄時,親吻一隻眼鏡王蛇。 (照片:歐新社)


A Thai snake charmer kissed 19 highly poisonous king cobras in an attempt to set a new world record last week.

One by one, the cobras were let out onto a stage set up in the Thai beach resort town of Pattaya, as the snake charmer, Khum Chaibuddee, kissed each snake and then moved on to the next.

Security was tight, with four extra snake charmers flanking the stage at each corner and a medical team waiting on the sidelines with medicine in case one of the snakes suddenly decided to bite, said a statement from Thailand's Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Pattaya, which organized the event.

The museum's manager, Somporn Naksuetrong, said Ripley's planned to apply for the attempt to be put in the Guinness Book of World Records to beat an earlier record set in 1999 when an American kissed 11 venomous snakes.

Snake charmers usually use either music or body movements to control snakes. Often they encourage snakes, which are normally poisonous, to rise up out of a basket or a sleeping position.

Chaibuddee, a part-time snake charmer for more than 12 years, urged children and onlookers not to try kissing snakes on their own. ”I, myself, have been bitten several times by snakes,” he said in a statement. “Always bear in mind the old story about the snake charmer who died (from being) bitten by snakes.”  (AP)







Today's Words 今天單字

1. snake charmer n.

弄蛇人 (nong4 she2 ren2)

例: As the snake charmer played his pipe, the snake began to sway from side to side in time with the music.


2. flank v.t.

位於...側邊 (wei4 yu2... ce4 bian1)

例: Ravens were flanking the gate to the graveyard.


3. venomous adj.

有毒的 (you3 du2 de5)

例: Some spiders, such as the black widow, are venomous.


4. onlooker n.

旁觀者 (pang2 guan1 zhe3)

例:The scene of the accident was chaos. The ambulance couldn't get through the crowds of onlookers.



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