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Watch out for that egg! 當心雞蛋

Protesters throw eggs at a parade in Estonia in August.愛沙尼亞的抗議民眾在八月的遊行中丟雞蛋。 (照片:美聯社)


Almost everybody knows that people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, but the results of a new study suggest that people everywhere should not throw ... eggs?

Throwing a raw egg at someone may seem like a funny, harmless thing to do, but it actually carries a high risk of causing blindness, a recently published study said.

Doctors at the Royal Liverpool University hospital in England were sifting through the records of 18,651 patients who had received eye treatment over a 14-month period and made some interesting discoveries.

Thirteen of the patients had been victims of an egg attack, and eight of them had a detached retina, pressure on the inside of the eyeball and other conditions that can cause a person to go blind. Twelve of the patients were men, and many of the injuries were sustained at Halloween.

After treatment, all the patients recovered except for one, who had been hit by an egg thrown from a passing car and suffered permanent damage to his eye.

The doctors point out that an egg is relatively heavy, and while it may smash harmlessly against the thick bone of the skull, it can inflict nasty damage when it hits the soft tissue of the eyeball.

In their study, published in Britain's Emergency Medical Journal, they also wrote a letter criticizing the sale of eggs that are advertised as being good for throwing, especially during Halloween. (AFP)







Today's Words 今天單字

1. sift v.t.

過濾 (guo4 lu4)

例: Every week I sift through my mail to see if there is anything for me other than bills and junk.


2. sustain v.i. /v.t.

承受 (cheng2 shou4)

例: I can run 5km pretty quickly, but I can't sustain that pace.


3. criticize v.t.

批評 (pi1 ping2)

例: My mother is always criticizing my clothing choices; she hates everything I wear.


2. inflict v.t.

使遭受損傷 (shi3 zao1 shou4 sun3 shang1)

例: The hurricane inflicted a lot of damage on the city.




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