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New toy for Japan's big boys 日本大男孩有新玩具了

A model poses with the new 1.5m-tall Gundam robot.一名模特兒與一點五公尺高的新鋼彈勇士合影。 (照片:法新社)


Adults who never grew out of their love for Gundam robots will soon see their dreams become as large as life as a toymaker introduces human-size versions of the Japanese anime hero.

The 1.5m-tall version of Gundam — whose adventures in far-away worlds have been a long-standing hit on Japanese and US television — has red laser lights on its head and its eyes are flashing lights.

Weighing 35kg, the robot strikes poses, makes robotic noises and fires away with its “Vulcan” machine gun.

The metallic-bodied man-machine has been collected for years in its miniature version.

While children may be enthralled by the life-size Gundam, with a price tag of 350,000 yen (NT$100,000), the target audience is 20- to 40-year-old men, toymaker Bandai said.

“They can use the robot as part of interior decoration — decorating their living rooms, for example — or else simply to enlarge their collections,” a spokeswoman for the company said.

“Since Gundam is so popular among men in this age range, I am sure they will be very happy with a Gundam this big,” she added.

Bandai aims to sell 1,500 models of this “Hyper Hybrid” Gundam starting on Dec. 16 in specialty stores or online.(AFP)








萬代公司預計十二月十六日開始在專賣店或網路上販售這款「超大尺寸」鋼彈,目標賣出一千五百個模型。 (法新社/翻譯︰賴美君)

Today's Words 今天單字

1. long-standing adj.

長期的 (chang2 qi2 de5) ,耐久的 (nai4 jiu3 de5)

例: Diana and Lance have a long-standing agreement to never fight about religion or politics.


2. metallic adj.

金屬的 (jin1 shu3 de5)

例: Plastic trashcans don't clank the way metallic ones do.


3. enthrall v.t.

使……著迷 (shi3...zhao2 mi2)

例: Margaret was entralled by the brilliant meteor shower.


4. interior adj.

室內的 (shi4 nei4 de5)

例:Interior design is a good career for people who like decorating.


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