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Globe trotting --- Monaco 世界走透透---摩納哥

Luxury yachts line up to watch the Monaco Grand Prix.


With an area of only 1.95km2, Monaco is the second smallest country in the world. But what it lacks in space it makes up for in wealth: there are more millionaires per person in Monaco than any other place in the world. Take a closer look to see how such a small country can have so much influence.


A close look 說古論今

With so many millionaires living in an area that you could walk across in less than an hour, Monaco has the most people per kilometer of any country in the world. Its streets are packed with expensive cars and its harbors are packed with expensive boats. And to protect all that money, it also has a bigger police force per person and per square kilometer than any other country in the world.

But it isn’t just money that makes Monaco a nice place to live. It is set along the Mediterranean coast and is bordered by the French Alps to the north. During the winter, the coldest temperature is usually only around 8°C, and during the summer it usually only gets as high as 27°C.

Monaco is also home to one of the most famous auto races in the world, the Monaco Grand Prix. The problem is that Monaco is very small, and the race course goes through the tiny streets of the country taking many sharp turns, so it is very difficult. Every year Monaco hires scuba divers to swim in its harbors in case one of the cars goes off the track and flies into the water.

Even though Monaco is very small and is protected by France’s military, it is an independent country. It is represented in the United Nations, and in 2006 France became the first country to have an embassy in Monaco.




雖然摩納哥非常袖珍,並受到法國軍隊的保護,但卻是一個獨立國家。摩納哥在聯合國設有代表,法國並在二○○六年成為第一個在摩納哥設立大使館的國家。 (翻譯:賴美君)

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