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Japanese man goes to space in style
日本男子上太空 超有型

Japanese space tourist Daisuke Enomoto at a press conference near Moscow.日本太空遊客榎本大輔參加在莫斯科附近的記者招待會。 (照片:法新社)


The glaring clothes that Japanese “space tourist” Daisuke Enomoto will wear on the International Space Station in the fall may have a bad effect on long-term occupants of the station, experts have warned.

While Russian astronauts wear grey clothes and US astronauts wear blue shorts and T-shirts during their six-month stays on the station, Enomoto opted for an orange motorcycle racing outfit with red, yellow and white stripes for his week-long stay.

Scientist say that having to look at the bright colors all the time could make the Russian, American and German astronauts living in the space station feel tired.

It was too late for alterations, however, as his clothes have already been sent to the station with a supply ship.

Enomoto, 35, said earlier he wanted to spend his time in space dressed in a copy of the outfit worn by one of the characters of a popular cartoon series in Japan. He also planned to build a plastic model of a robot from the series while in space.

The businessman, who made his fortune on the Internet, is paying about US$20 million (NT$656.10 million) to fly to the International Space Station with visiting Russian astronauts.

Due to be launched in September on a rocket from a Russian space center in Kazakhstan, he will become the fourth space tourist to visit the station.

Two American and one South African space tourists have visited the space station since 2001. (DPA)






Today's Words 今天單字

1. glaring adj.

刺眼的 (ci4 yan3 de5)

例: I wear sun glasses to protect my eyes from the glaring sun.


2. occupant n.

居住者 (ju1 zhu4 zhe3)

例: My new apartment is big enough for five occupants.


3. outfit n.

服飾 (fu2 shi4)

例: When Jessica got her first job, she went to the store to buy some new outfits to wear to work.


4. alteration n.

變更 (bian4 geng1)

例: I've already given our report to the teacher, so it's too late to make any alterations.






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