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Rain, rain go away 雨兒、雨兒、快走開

A woman uses a plastic bag to keep her head dry during a storm in the US state of Texas. Photo: Ap

During the summer, most children get lots of chances to go outside and play. Sunny weather is the best, but even on cloudy days playing outside can be fun. But there is one thing that can ruin a wonderful day of playing outside: rain.

Rain is bad when it keeps you from leaving your house to play. But it's even worse when you are outside and it begins to rain suddenly. If you don't have a rain hat, a rain coat or an umbrella, what can you do?

The woman in this picture got caught in a rain storm, but she thought of a way to keep her hair dry. But what about the rest of her body? It looks like she probably got very wet.

Using a plastic bag as a hat was very creative. It's a little dangerous, though, because putting plastic bags on your head is not a good idea. Can you think of other things that you could make into a rain hat if you were caught out in the rain? What about a newspaper? There are many things that might work. You would probably look a little silly, like the woman in this picture, but at least your head would stay dry!

(Kayleen Hartman, Staff Writer)





Today's Words 今天單字

1. ruin v.t.

使毀壞 (shi3 hui3 huai4)

例:Henry's new shirt was ruined when he got chocolate ice cream on it.


2. suddenly adv.

忽然地 (hu1 ran2 di5)

例: Wallace and Janet were fighting when suddenly Wallace stopped and said, "I'm sorry, you're right. Please forgive me."


3. creative adj.

有創造力的 (you3 chuang4 zao4 li4 de5)

例:When we write stories, our teacher doesn't mind if we make mistake; he just wants us to be creative.


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