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Tattoos 刺青

A man gets a tattoo in Thailand.


When you see somebody with a tattoo, what do you think of him or her? Lots of people think that people who have tattoos are bad, dangerous or criminals, but you might be surprised to find out that tattoos used to be very popular among the upper class in some places.

In the 1800s, many rich people all over Europe had tattoos. After fancy dinner parties, people liked to take off some of their clothes and show off their tattoos. In fact, there were two British kings who had tattoos, and one American president in the 1900s had a tattoo as well.

Tattoos were also popular among sailors in the 1800s, but for a different reason. Back then, sailors used to be punished by being hit on their back. To keep from being hit there, they had a Christian cross tattooed on their back because people thought it was bad to hit a picture of the cross. (Marc Langer, Staff writer)



刺青在十九世紀相當風行於水手之間,不過理由大不相同。當時,水手經常被鞭打背部當做處罰。為了不讓人鞭打那裡,水手就在背部刺上基督教十字架,因為人們認為鞭打十字架的圖形並不吉利。 (翻譯:賴美君)

Quick Quiz

1. A(n) ___ president in the 1900s had a tattoo.

a. Australian.

b. British.

c. American.

d. Italian.

2. Sailors used to have a tattoo of the cross ...

a. on their arm.

b. on their back.

c. on their leg.

d. on their face.

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