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Dog honored for returning balls

A golfer marks his ball at the 2006 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.
於喬治亞州奧古斯塔舉辦的2006高爾夫球名人賽上,一位高爾夫球員正標記球的落點。 (照片:歐新社)


A golf club in southern Wales has awarded lifetime membership to a mongrel dog because of his uncanny knack for finding lost balls from golf shots that have gone off the course.

But the friendly white dog, called Deuce, cannot fully enjoy membership at the Pontnewydd Golf Club -- dogs are banned from the clubhouse.

Since his owner, club member Jim Phillis, began taking him for daily walks from his house bordering the course near Cwmbran in Monmouthshire, Deuce has returned more than 3,000 balls that had been hit into the long grass.

Club secretary Carl Phillips said, "I've been playing with the same ball for two years. I can't get rid of it."

Because of his abilities, Deuce has been made a member of the veterans' section, although at age six, he is considerably younger than the 50 years needed to qualify as a senior player.

Phillis said his pet comes into his own in the summer months when ferns around the course can grow to more than one meter.

"You've got to watch him because he'll carry the same ball around the whole course if you let him," he explained.

"But if I take one off him, he'll go off and look for another one to play with. And that's how we end up collecting so many."

"He won't pick up yellow ones. I can only guess that he thinks it is a tennis ball. They all come back to the club for the boys to use, which is good because some of them are quite expensive." (AFP)


不過,這隻叫杜斯的友善白狗無法在 Pontnewydd 高爾夫球俱樂部盡情享用會員身分,因為狗不得進入俱樂部會所。




Reading Comprehension

1. What ISN'T Deuce allowed to do?

a. Return other players' balls.

b. Go into the clubhouse.

c. Go for walks by himself.

2. How many balls has the dog returned?

a. 50.

b. 3,000.

c. 300.

3. To be a member of the veterans' section, you must ...

a. bring your dog.

b. be human.

c. be at least 50 years old.

4. Deuce won't look for another ball if ...

a. he already has a ball.

b. the ball he has is yellow.

c. no one asks him to.




「牠不肯撿黃色的球,我只能猜牠以為那是網球。這些球都還給俱樂部讓會員們使用,這是件好事,因為當中有些球很貴。」 (法新社/翻譯:鄭湘儀)

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