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A unique look 獨特的樣貌

A South African plains zebra at a zoo in Duisburg, Germany.
德國杜伊斯堡一處動物園的南非草原斑馬. (照片:歐新社)


Do you know what kind of animal this is?

It is a zebra. Zebras are from Africa. They are famous for their black and white stripes. Each zebra's stripes are unique, so you will never see two zebras that look exactly alike.

Zebras' beautiful stripes make them different from other animals. Many people have asked why zebras need their stripes. Some people used to believe that zebras needed their stripes for protection. Those people thought zebras' stripes made it easier for them to hide from animals that might want to eat them.

Other people thought zebras needed stripes to tell each other apart. But today, people believe a zebra's stripes are there to confuse flies that try to suck its blood. (kayleen Hartman, Taipei Times)




另外有些人認為,斑馬需要條紋來分辨彼此。不過現今,人們相信斑馬的條紋之所以存在,是為了要讓前來吸血的蒼蠅搞不清楚該吸哪裡。 (何楷琳,台北時報)

Quick Quiz

1. What are zebras famous for?

a. They can confuse animals that try to eat them.

b. They can hide from flies.

c. They have black and white stripes.

d. They can talk.

2. Why do people today think zebras have stripes?

a. So they won't get eaten.

b. To confuse a blood-sucking fly.

c. To be able to tell each other apart.

d. So they match each other.

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