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A sea that glows


Where do you think the light in this picture is coming from?

Some of the light is coming from the moon. But a lot of the light is coming from an unusual place: plants.

Usually, plants take in light to make food. The light on the trees is coming from plants that make their own light. Behind the trees you can the Salton Sea, a sea in California (加州). The Salton Sea is glowing too. The Salton Sea is full of algae, which is a very simple type of plant.

The algae in the Salton Sea gives off energy which makes the water glow. Even though this picture is pretty, algae is very bad for the birds and fish that live there.

The words of the day

glow v.i.

發光 (fa1 guang1)

Even at night, my bedroom is not totally dark because my pyjamas glow in the dark.


simple adj.

簡單的 (jian3 dan1 de5)

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