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Old-fashioned bicycles


You've ridden a bicycle before, but you probably haven't ridden a bicycle like this! Would you ever ride this bicycle to school?

This is a very old-fashioned bicycle. People started making them about 150 years ago in England. Today people ride newer bicycles that don't have such big wheels.

Bicycles like these are called ``penny-farthing'' bicycles. When people started riding these bicycles in England 150 years ago, people used two kinds of coins called pennies and farthings. Pennys were very big and farthings were very small. People thought that the wheels on this bike looked like the coins, so it is called a penny-farthing.

The words of the day

old-fashioned adj.


(lao3 shi4 de5, guo4 shi2 de5)

This is a really old-fashioned movie. It is in black and white and there isn't any sound.


coin n.

錢幣 (qian2 bi4)

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