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Rodeo clowns


Why is this man running in front of an angry bull? Is he crazy? Why is he wearing such strange clothes?

This man is a rodeo clown. Rodeos are contests in which people ride bulls. The bulls jump and run and try to throw the riders off, and the riders have to try to stay on the bulls for as long as they can.

When a rider falls off a bull, rodeo clowns distract the bull so that it doesn't step on the rider. They wear bright clothes so that the bulls look at them and chase them instead of the riders.

Bulls are very heavy, and they can hurt people if they step on them. Rodeo clowns are needed to keep the riders safe.

The words of the day


使...分心 (shi3 ... fen1 xin1)

I need to finish my homework, but my friend keeps calling me and distracting me.



小丑 (xiao3 chou3)

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