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Motorcycle tricks


How many people can ride a motorcycle at the same time?

These men are performing a stunt at a celebration. Riding a motorcycle like this is very dangerous, but these men practice a lot. You should never try to ride a bicycle or a motorcycle like this.

To ride a motorcycle, you need to have good balance. If you don't have good balance, the motorcycle might fall over. The man on the top is holding his arms out to help balance himself.

You should also wear a helmet. The man in the middle is not wearing a helmet on his head. Not wearing a helmet is dangerous, because if you fall you might hurt your head. Let's hope he has good balance!

The words of the day


特技 (te4 ji4)


平衡感 (ping2 heng2 gan3)

Curt's balance is so good that he can stand on one leg for 10 minutes without falling.


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