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Redistricting in Hsinchu, Pingtung, Tainan, Kaohsiung

By Huang Hsin-po and Jonathan Chin  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

The Central Election Commission yesterday announced a redrawing of legislative districts, adding one seat each to Hsinchu County and Tainan, and cutting one seat each from Pingtung County and Kaohsiung.

Additionally, in response to allegations of gerrymandering, Taichung’s Donghu (東湖) and Sihu (西湖) boroughs are to be incorporated into Taichung’s 7th electoral district from the 2nd, joining the rest of Dali District (大里), the commission said.

The new map, which is to change districting and representation for many electoral districts, is to be used in next year’s elections.

The redrawn Tainan 1st electoral district is to consist of Houbi (後壁), Baihe (白河), Beimen (北門), Syuejia (學甲), Yanshuei (鹽水), Sinying (新營), Liouying (柳營), Dongshan (東山), Jiangjun (將軍), Siaying (下營) and Lioujia (六甲) districts, it said.

Tainan’s 2nd district is to consist of Cigu (七股), Jiali (佳里), Madou (麻豆), Guantian (官田), Shanhua (善化), Danei (大內), Yujing (玉井), Nansi (楠西), Sigang (西港), Anding (安定), Shanshang (山上), Zuojhen (左鎮) and Nanhua (南化).

Tainan’s 3rd district is to consist of Annan (安南) and North (北) districts, while Tainan’s 4th district is to consist of Sinshih (新市), Yongkang (永康) and Sinhua (新化).

Tainan’s 5th district is to consist of Anping (安平), West Central (中西) and South (南) districts, as well as part of East District (東區), or 16 boroughs.

Tainan’s 6th district is to consist of Rende (仁德), Gueiren (歸仁), Guanmiao (關廟) and Longci (龍崎) districts, and the remainder of East District, or 29 boroughs.

Kaohsiung’s 1st to 4th are unchanged, while the 5th to 8th are to be redrawn, the commission said.

Kaohsiung’s 5th is to consist of Sanmin District (三民) and part of Lingya District (苓雅), or eight boroughs, while Kaohsiung’s 6th is to consist of Gushan (鼓山), Yancheng (鹽埕), Cianjin (前金) and Sinsing (新興) districts, and the remainder of Lingya District, or 61 boroughs.

Kaohsiung’s 7th district is to consist of Fongshan District (鳳山), while the 8th is to consist of Cijin (旗津), Cianjhen (前鎮) and Siaogang (小港) districts.

Hsinchu County’s 1st district is to consist of Sinfong (新豐), Hukou (湖口), Sinpu (新埔), Cyonglin (芎林), Guansi (關西) and Jianshi (尖石) townships, and part of Jhubei City (竹北), with the remainder drawn into Hsinchu County’s 2nd.

Pingtung County’s 1st district is to consist of Ligang (里港), Gaoshu (高樹), Sandimen (三地門), Wutai (霧臺), Majia (瑪家), Jiouru (九如), Yanpu (鹽埔), Changjhih (長治), Linluo (麟洛) and Neipu (內埔) townships, and Pingtung City; the remainder of the county is to be drawn into Pingtung County’s 2nd.

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