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Tsai files lawsuit over Yu Chang smear

DIRTY TRICK?After being cleared of wrongdoing last week, Tsai filed suit against Wu Den-yih and Christina Liu, accusing them of spreading rumors to throw the election

By Chris Wang and Jake Chung  /  Staff reporter and staff writer, with CNA

The DPP described the SID’s dismissal of the case as “ridiculous” because spokesperson Lin Chun-hsien (林俊憲) said the SID made the ruling without subpoenaing Liu, Wu and Tsai Ling-yi.

In response, Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Secretary-General Lin Join-sane (林中森) said Tsai Ing-wen should not attempt to shift the focus of the issue by suing Wu and Liu.

Lin Join-sane said that during the entire time of the Yu Chang case, Tsai Ing-wen remained vague or dodged questions.

Lin Join-sane said the KMT respected the judiciary, but as a political figure, Tsai Ing-wen should know that while obeying the law is the minimum required of a politician, she should also shoulder moral responsibility.

He said he suspected Tsai Ing-wen had not avoided a conflict of interest in the Yu Chang case, adding that in comparison, even though Ma had faced many false accusations, he did not sidestep the accusations and has proved of his innocence.

He asked whether Taiwanese could accept the evasive attitude that he said Tsai Ing-wen has taken toward the case.

Meanwhile, he said Tsai Ing-wen’s allegation that the KMT had used government resources to intervene in the election and manipulate the judiciary was unacceptable.

“We cannot accept such accusations,” Lin said, adding that he hoped the DPP would stop demeaning the authority and trust citizens should have in the judicial system.

The KMT’s Culture and Communication Committee director, Hsiao Hsu-tsen (蕭旭岑), also said he hoped that Tsai Ing-wen would clearly explain her role in the Yu Chang case, while the committee’s deputy director, Lai Su-ju (賴素如), also accused her of being evasive.

We hope that Tsai Ing-wen does not waste the resources of the judiciary, Lai said.

Meanwhile, the Control Yuan said it would continue to monitor civil servants for administrative abnormalities in the case, Control Yuan member Yeh Yao-peng (葉耀鵬) said.

One of the Control Yuan members looking into the Yu Chang case aside from Ma Yi-kung (馬以工) and Ma Hsiu-ru (馬秀如), Yeh said that criminal responsibility and administrative responsibility were different matters.

The Control Yuan will continue to monitor the Yu Chang case to ascertain whether civil servants acted in accordance with administrative procedures, Yeh said, adding that the Control Yuan would also question former premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌).

Whether the Control Yuan would call on Tsai Ing-wen remains to be seen, Yeh said, adding that the peripheries of the case should be understood clearly before the person involved makes her statement on the issue.

Commenting on the pan-green legislators’ criticism of the Control Yuan’s motives for looking into the case, Yeh said that if Control Yuan members did not investigate the case in accordance with the law, then it would be the Control Yuan members who have committed dereliction of duty.

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