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Chen gives KMT three months to change emblem

By Jewel Huang  /  STAFF REPORTER

President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday demanded that the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) should change its party emblem in three months, otherwise he would propose that the legislature amend the National Emblem Law (國徽法) if the pan-green camp wins a legislative majority in the upcoming elections.

Chen made the remarks in a campaign rally held in Taoyuan County last night as he once again brought up allegations of a "soft coup d'etat" in the wake of the presidential elections.

Chen stressed that the reason why retired generals would ask incumbent high-ranking officers to fake illnesses in an attempt to overturn election results was because they still have the obsolete thought that the party and the state are one and the same, and that the KMT is equal to the country.

Showing two placards printed with the KMT's party emblem and the national emblem of the Republic of China, Chen asked the audience whether they could distinguish from the two symbols, which are the same.

The president also wondered why Taiwan's Olympic flag, the badges of the navy, the army, the air force and the police all bear the KMT's party emblem, which he said does not conform to democratic principles.

"Now that it is so easy for people to confuse the KMT's party emblem with the national emblem, I would like to tell the KMT that I give it a deadline -- which is three months -- to change its party emblem," Chen said. "Only by doing so can we clearly distinguish between the two emblems, and the KMT won't say things like `the nation is stolen' just because it lost the election."

"If it does not change its emblem, as soon as the pan-green camp gains the legislative majority, we will revise the National Emblem Law."

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