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The gentler side of post-hardcore

Taipei-based, post-hardcore group Future After a Second will bring their message of positivity to Legacy Taipei tomorrow night

By Darice Chang  /  Contributing reporter

Future After a Second drummer Shun Hsu crowdsurfs at Autumn Attack in October of last year.

Photo courtesy of ZL Ltd Photography

“Electrifying” would be the best way to describe a live performance from rising stars Future After a Second (FAAS, 瞬轉未來), who will open for Infernal Chaos tomorrow night at Legacy Taipei. In a country where many a rock show conducts a stationary group of spectators, theirs is a refreshing relief from the norm.

Granted, any band that dares to record with Jesse “Black” Liu (劉笙彙) is bound to be good; the man is a demon and perfectionist. Masochists the likes of Flesh Juicer (血肉果汁機) and Emerging from the Cocoon (破繭而出) have produced tracks there, and sessions in excess of nine hours aren’t unheard of.

But the trials have been worth it: FAAS’ debut EP, To The Light, which was released on iTunes in January of last year, is highly polished. Lyrical themes centering on positivity are central to their music and sets them apart from others in a genre known for its darker content.

“I have a lot of friends that often feel [depressed],” says Tak Wu (武克彥), the band’s vocalist. “I hope our songs can be the spiders’ silk that pulls you back up.”

After putting in four years at the Beastie Rock Festival (巨獸搖滾音樂祭), a well known indie rock fest for new bands to show off their chops, the band joins a slew of Taiwanese indie artists gaining acclaim further afield.

The quintet has signed with Japan’s Far Channel Records, and organized their own music festival, Autumn Attack, which featured headliner veterans Emerging From The Cocoon as well as hard emo Faded Moment (凋零瞬間) and the genre-less Endtrocity (暴行終止).

This year they made their game debut on Cytus II, the second iteration of the highly rated rhythm game by Rayark Inc, a Taiwanese indie game company with over 6 million players worldwide.

Entertainment notes

What: First Pray, with Future After a Second, Private Eyesight, Go Go Rise, Flux and Infernal Chaos

When: Tomorrow at 9:30pm. Tickets are available through

Where: Legacy Taipei, Huashan 1914 Creative Park (華山1914), Center Five Hall (中五館), 1, Bade Rd Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市八德路一段1號)

Tickets: NT$600

On the Net:

When asked the reason for their rapid rise, band members point to drummer Shun Hsu (許原峻).

“We [almost] split up,” says guitarist Nicky Li (李秉諺). “Our previous drummer ... was leaving, and we just didn’t know if we could go on.”

It’s a good thing they did.

The recent trend in Taiwanese indie music to incorporate local elements — lyrics in Hoklo (more commonly known as Taiwanese) or to focus on the nation’s culture — has worked well for their predecessors, but it isn’t what FAAS is trying to convey. Their emphasis lies in their live shows and their interaction with the audience.

In addition to the continuation of Autumn Attack, this year they are hoping to build upon their international expansion to include tours in Thailand and Southeast Asia with plans for an album out by the end of the year.

“If everything goes according to plan, I don’t think we will have time for it all,” jokes bassist Artie Lo (羅正輝).

Ambitious words but probably not far from the truth.

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