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American stand-up comedian Dan “Gonzo” Machanik returns to the Comedy Club tomorrow for his Comedy Raj Tour, featuring new material inspired by a recent trip to India. Machanik, who bases much of his material on fictionalized accounts of his travels, got his start as a stand-up comic two decades ago at comedy shows in Aspen, Colorado, and New York. A regular performer in Taiwan, Machanik had a few gigs in the US last year and is getting ready for a tour in Shanghai and Beijing later this month. Tonight’s show is in English and is not suitable for the easily offended. Also at the Comedy Club this weekend, guitarist Kester Jones and violinist Kaiven Chen play jazz and classical ballads tonight. Prior to Machanik’s show tomorrow, there’s an Evening of Magic (魔幻之夜): six Taiwanese magicians and host Yu Mao (羽毛). On the Net:

▲ Comedy Club, B1, 24 Taishun St, Taipei City (台北市泰順街24號B1). For reservations, call (02) 2369-3730

▲ Evening of Magic starts at 8:30pm tonight and 8pm tomorrow. Kester Jones and Kaiven Chen perform tonight at 10:30pm. Dan Machanik performs tomorrow at 10pm

▲ Tickets for Machanik’s show are NT$300 and include a coupon for slice of pizza and one drink. NT$80 beer specials all night. Tickets for the magic show are NT$350 both nights and NT$200 for tonight’s music show.

Stand-up comedian Dan “Gonzo” Machanik performs at Taipei’s Comedy Club tomorrow as part of his Comedy Raj tour.


The 2008 Taiwan Women Theater Festival (肆無忌憚—第四屆女節) kicks off its fourth edition next week with theater, workshops, conferences and a film screening. The festival showcases five pieces staged by Taiwan-based theater companies, including Women With Suitcases (拎著提箱的女人), Bu Fen (不分), Between (可以不存在), The Enemy Within (我的敵人) and My Angel Friends (我的天使朋友). British playwright Helen Paris will perform her Family Hold Back and hold a weeklong theater workshop. The festival is accompanied by a conference on women’s theater. The film shows footage of live performances by UK-based women artists. On the Net:

▲ Guling Street Theater (牯嶺街小劇場), 2, Ln 5, Guling St, Taipei City (台北市牯嶺街5巷2號)

▲ May 15 to June 1

▲ Tickets are NT$500, available through NTCH ticketing

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The Taiwan Women Theater Festival happens only once every four years.



《收信快樂》by Off Performance Workshop (外表坊時驗團) tells the story of two people exchanging letters over a forty-year period, their experiences and loves.

▲ Huashan Cultural and Creative Industry Center (華山創意文化園區), 1, Bade Rd Sec 1, Taipei City (台北市八德路一段1號)

▲ Today, tomorrow, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm

▲ Tickets are NT$500 and are available through NTCH ticketing

by Sun Son Theatre (身聲演繹劇場) is a multidisciplinary work that combines dance, music and theater. Performers are silhouetted onto a black curtain as they crawl, twirl and appear to sleep. Folk musician Pan Li-li (潘麗莉) chants while fire dance artist Chang Yu-wei (張育瑋) illuminates the stage. In addition to Indian rhythms played by tabla drummer Toshihiro Wakaike and sitar player Ryohei Kanemistu, both from Japan, traditional music instruments from more than 10 different regions orchestrate a live world music sound that includes the didgeridoo, the kulintangan from Malaysia, drums from Nepal, Easter Island and Africa, as well as the Tibetan gong.

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