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James McAvoy worries the bigger he is, the harder he'll fall

In just three years, James McAvoy has gone from unknown to Hollywood A-lister. As his new film, 'Atonement,' opens to rave reviews, he talks about his 'mundane' private life and the fear that one day it all might slip away

Esther Addley  /  THE GUARDIAN , LONDON

McAvoy is the lead, and Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman co-star, which for the lad from Drumchapel must be pretty nuts in itself. (He shares "one epic snog" with Jolie - "which is kind of weird.") Does he feel on the edge of a breakthrough into crazed uber-celebrity? "I feel on the edge of failure quite a lot." But he must be daunted at his move into the absolute A-list. Keira Knightley is one thing, but Jolie ... ?

"Yeah. I don't know. I hope I'm right in this, but unless you're an idealized human being, the Brad Pitts and the Angelinas and the Keiras and stuff ... . See, if I won 20 Oscars next year, right? I still think that given the choice of running after me down the street and running after Keira, they would run after Keira. And that's fine with me, by the way. I'm more than happy with that."

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