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Ginkgo Boyz's singer let it all hang out at last week's Formoz Festival, and was fined NT$9,000 for doing so.


After promising to give the stage over to local acts overlooked by other music events, last weekend's Formoz Festival 2007 (野台開唱) did little to promote fresh local talent. Most media coverage focused on the 30 outfits from Japan.

Japanese songstress/model/actress Anna Tsuchiya and hip-hop act Teriyaki Boyz led by NIGO, the founder of high-profile street clothing brand A Bathing Ape, were among the biggest draws. The lead singer of Ginkgo Boyz (銀杏Boyz) stole the show when he stripped off and exposed his trouser snake to the crowd. The overexcited Japanese lad was arrested and fined NT$9,000 for public indecency last Saturday.

Sunday's performances seemed tame in comparison with the exception of Rize's lead singer Jassie from Japan, who put on an acrobatic show on the stage scaffold that earned a big round of applauds.

What happens when pretty boys Bang Bang Tang (棒棒堂) meets the popular singing contest finalists now known as the Million Star Gang (星光幫)? A full-scale war between the fans on each side.

The raging battle began shortly after the Gang appeared on the Bang Bang Tang boys' variety show on Channel V and the former insulted the latter.

"Bang Bang Tang can neither sing nor dance. The only thing they do well is to sell their faces," the Million-Dollar camp said.

"Yea, but the Million Star Gang doesn't even have faces to sell," the Bang Bang Tang camp retorted.

Pop Stop has to admit that both camps have a point.

Having long since passed into oblivion, Chin Han (秦漢) rose from the dead when his unlikely romance with Hong Kong actress Nancy Sit (薛家燕) made it into gossip columns this week. What's the big deal? The 61-year-old man was the lover of former Mando-movie star Brigitte Lin (林青霞) for 21 years.

At the time, observers predicted Han and Lin would eventually wed. The diva's knot was tied instead by multi-billionaire Xing Li-yuan (邢李源) in 1994, right after her long relationship with Chin ended.

Over a decade later, the well-preserved Chin caught Sit's eye when the pair were appearing together in a Chinese soap opera. Saying her head got dizzy every time she saw Chin, the veteran actress proudly announced that her Prince Charming liked to call her "sunshine" on set and the feeling was mutual.

"He likes younger women. All the girlfriends he has had in the past are below the age of 40," an anonymous friend is quoted as saying in the Chinese-language press.

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