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Bible bashers get a bashing

Jim Wallis urges US churches to stop protesting about things they don't like and propose something better

By Jonathan Bartley  /  THE GUARDIAN , LONDON

The doors of the White House have traditionally always been open to religious leaders, but they were slammed shut as the preparations for war progressed. As a result, Wallis came to Britain with a delegation of US church leaders to see British Prime Minister Tony Blair. They spent almost an hour with the prime minister, talking theology but also exploring other ways to remove Saddam Hussein. Wallis and his colleagues advo-cated a "third way," neither containment nor war, which later developed into a six-point plan to oust the dictator without violence.

When the members of the delegation were asked later why their own president had refused to see them, they said that someone with a messiah complex doesn't like to be challenged by religious leaders.

In getting Britain's next prime minister to endorse this important book, Wallis may have found a novel way to do just that.

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