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Achievements threatened by China

By Huang Tien-lin 黃天麟

In an attempt to reverse the situation, Beijing has changed tack and ditched its former strategy of targeting the “three middles and the youth”; residents of central and southern Taiwan; middle and low-income families; small and medium-sized enterprises; and young people.

In its place is the “one generation, one line” strategy, which focuses on the younger generation and the grass-roots “front line.”

There is no difference between the two: both slogans are clear statements of intent that China is infiltrating Taiwan’s economy and will continue to do so.

Now that pension reform has passed the final legislative hurdle, the government must address the dual problems of sluggish inward investment and China’s infiltration by drawing up an “anti-infiltration special law.” In addition, an even more pressing need than transitional justice is for the nation to undergo a program of “economic transitional justice.”

This means transitional justice for domestic investors treated unfairly by the previous KMT government, which gave excessive preferential treatment to Taiwanese businesses operating in China, and transitional justice for domestic investors left disadvantaged by the KMT’s preferential treatment of foreign investors in the stock market.

The government should immediately enact legislation that provides genuine incentives for inward investment by Taiwanese investors, but not Taiwanese businesses operating in China or foreign investors. Only then will it be possible to defend Taiwan against the treat of economic annexation by China.

If the government fails to act now, all it has achieved so far will have been in vain.

Huang Tien-lin is a national policy adviser.

Translated by Edward Jones

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