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Simple things make teenagers happier than money does: study

By Conal Urquhart  /  The Guardian

Elaine Hindal of the Children’s Society said that, while much of the University of Essex report mirrors its findings, the importance of family income to the well-being of children should not be underplayed.

“Children from the poorest 20 percent of households in England have much lower well-being than average,” she said. “And children who are aware of a recent decline in family income are likely to have lower well-being, something policymakers should take into account at a time of decreased job security and changes to the benefit system.”

“What’s interesting is why children value money — not for its own sake, but for the opportunities it gives to enjoy leisure time with family and friends, to afford activities, holidays and other opportunities for cementing social and emotional bonds. And possessions matter too, but again, not for their own sake. For most children, having ‘enough’ money is about being able to have the things and do the things that help them take part and fit in with peers,” Hindal added.

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