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Letters: Playing the Hitler card

There are some in Taiwan who are in serious need of a history lesson. I refer to those anti-Chen Shui-bian protesters who carry posters comparing Chen to Adolf Hitler.

I'm not a big fan of Chen, but likening him to Hitler? Come off it. Regardless of your personal views of Chen, or whether you support former Democratic Progressive Party chairman Shih Ming-teh's (施明德) campaign to depose him, such a comparison can only be seen as absurd. Indeed, it could even be funny were it not so offensive.

In Hitler we have a man who ordered the invasion of sovereign nations and the genocide of 6 million Jews. It doesn't matter what Chen is accused of -- he hasn't done anything that comes even remotely close to these crimes.

These allusions to Hitler display a lack of understanding for the survivors of World War II, of the concentration camps and for the relatives of those who perished. Even if the disregard of these people's feelings weren't enough to condemn the use of these posters, we must also consider how these things impact upon the perceptions that foreigners have of Taiwan.

With footage from the anti-Chen demonstrations being broadcast around the world, these protesters become ambassadors for the country's image. Do we want the outside world to view Taiwan as a nation too poorly educated to see the difference between alleged corruption and genocide?

I pray that your answer is no.

Andrew Crosthwaite

Minhsiung, Chiayi County

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