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Letter: Time to address problems

By Lai Shu-mei

I think the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) needs to see the scandal surrounding Chao Chien-ming (趙建銘) as a wake up call.

I was not surprised by the scandal. For years, corruption, bribery and nepotism have been a part of life. This is inherent to Chinese culture. As ethnic Chinese our first priority is personal relationships, reason is secondary and the law is a negotiable concept when we deal with people in business or politics. When you occupy an important position, many people go out of their way to flatter you. When people ask you for favors and offer you benefits, you will not know how to refuse them.

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) wants to ruin the DPP. In a few months' time, elections will be upon us and this scandal could badly affect the DPP. The opposition is also is planning for the 2008 presidential election and is doing all that it can to win back power.

At this crucial moment, the DPP must pull together.

The DPP must take this issue seriously; every member of the party should be on their best behavior. Stop following questionable norms. Remember one thing -- everyone, especially your enemy, is watching you. DPP supporters thought that the party would never behave like the KMT. Please do not disappoint your supporters any more.

Lai Shu-mei

Fengyuan, Taichung County

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