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Letter: KMT would destroy Taiwan

By Jason Lee Boon Hong

At times, I really wonder what the fuss is about regarding President Chen Shui-bian's(陳水扁) announcement that the National Unification Council (NUC) will cease to function ("Chen signs NUC, guidelines into history," March 1, page 1). Any neutral international observer of cross-strait ties would have noticed that in reality, the council serves no purpose at all, especially since 2000.

While I can understand the "fury" of the Chinese Communist Party over Chen's decision, I cannot comprehend the reaction of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT). They earlier stated that there are several options for Taiwanese to adopt in the years ahead, and these are not restricted to reunification alone. From a factual viewpoint, neither Chen nor the KMT has to declare anything today, because the reality is that Taiwan is not a province of China. Thus, the status quo basically refers to two sovereign nations on either side of the Strait.

Why is the KMT launching a drive to impeach Chen?

Regardless of their political affiliation, the parties in Taiwan should come together and put up a strong fight against the tyrants. In my view, the two-fold objectives of the KMT -- to oppose [the government] for the sake of opposition, and to pander to the commands of the Chinese authorities -- would destroy Taiwan in the near future. Should Taiwanese elect the KMT candidate in the 2008 presidential election, I am certain that within the first four years, the KMT government will be more than willing to proclaim Taiwan a province of China. And that would indeed be both a disappointment and shame, in light of the efforts and boldness of Chen and former president Lee Teng-hui (李登輝) to make Taiwan the sovereign and independent nation it is today.

Chen's loyalty lies with no one but the 23 million people of Taiwan.

Yet, where is the loyalty of the KMT members? Do Taiwanese really want the KMT back in power? Think twice, think hard! It is already a real shame that legislative regulations prohibit Chen from seeking a third term. Yet it would be a real disaster in history if Taiwan's next president allows the country to be subjugated into becoming a province of China.

Jason Lee Boon Hong


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