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Letters: Chiang was responsible

By Lily Bradberry

Each and every Taiwanese person was a victim of the 228 Incident. All the foreign witnesses and information I have found have proved beyond doubt that Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) was guilty. I still remember when my father told me how Chiang threatened Formosans on the air that no one was to mention a word about the 228 Incident from that moment on.

I believe the evidence will eventually show the truth, even though the Chinese Nationalist party (KMT) has tried to destroy it all.

Here is one piece: According to a report in the Far Eastern Economic Review ("Past Time," March 23, 1995), Shu Tao, a former bodyguard of Chen Yi (陳儀), also implicated Generalissimo Chiang: Shu recently told a press conference in Taipei that he was present when Chen received a telegram from Chiang ordering him to suppress any opposition. According to Shu, the message was chillingly concise: "Kill them all, keep it secret."

Shu was then ordered to pass the telegram on to General Ke Yuan-fen (柯遠芬), then chief of the Command of State Security, the forerunner of the infamous Taiwan Garrison Command. Ke is considered one of the people primarily responsible for the atrocities during and after the incident in 1947.

How can Taiwanese forget about this piece of history without knowing the truth that our ancestors shed their blood because they asked for a fair and clean government?

Lily Bradberry

Austin, Texas

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