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Letter: KMT can go back to China

By Chen Ming-chung

History is coming full circle ("KMT delegation travels to China for historic visit," March 28, page 2). The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) can go home now. As far as the Taiwanese are concerned, China is the KMT's home, not Taiwan.

Some Taiwanese did favor going back to the "motherland" after World War II. However, they did not expect the murdering, corrupt, thieving, arrogant, self-appointed government that was the KMT regime. "The KMT does not support Taiwan independence" is a statement that masks the fact that the KMT does not support democracy. In fact, it does not support Taiwan.

Are KMT Chairman Lien Chan (連戰) and his KMT cronies so naive as to think they can talk the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) out of "non-peaceful means" to resolve the Taiwan issue? If that's the case, more power to them. More likely, they would rather disarm Taiwan to make it more convenient for the CCP to annex Taiwan by "non-peaceful means."

The KMT can return to China as a twice-defeated warrior. It was defeated once in China, and again in Taiwan; once by force, and then by peaceful means. The sad thing is, it has never learned the reason for its defeat. It is totally out of step with time, and totally out of step with the people, both in China and Taiwan. Lien and his cronies can take their party and their martyrs back to China where they came from. Or whatever land or heaven they wish. But the Taiwanese will not be with them if they want to go "back" to the same murdering, corrupt, arrogant, self-appointed Chinese ruler that is the CCP. Because Taiwan is free, and China is not.

Chen Ming-chung

Chicago, Illinois

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