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Businesses based in China seeking Taiwanese talent


With the nation's unemployment rate still stuck above 5 percent, a group of China-based Taiwanese businessmen yesterday launched a program to recruit young workers with financial expertise to work for them, saying demand for such talent in China will exceed 10,000 in the next five years.

"None of the schools or institutions in Taiwan provide classes on China's business regulations," said Wang Tien-tsai (王添財), vice chairman of the Taiwan Businessmen Association in Dongguan (東莞台商協會). "People with such expertise are in great demand as there are an increasing number of Taiwanese doing business in China."

Most Taiwanese companies in China prefer to have Taiwanese workers deal with customs, taxation, accounting and administration, Wang said.

As a result, the association commissioned the online employment agency (汎亞人力銀行) and ACE Group, a consulting firm, to recruit and provide training to job-seekers aged between 18 and 30.

The association will initially offer 100 vacancies in 50 companies to those who finish 96 hours of training and pass a test. The monthly salary to those who qualify is about NT$28,000, plus an allowance of NT$8,000 per month.

Next year, there will be another 1,200 job opportunities at 200 Taiwanese companies in China will be available, he said.

Wang Ya-ling (王雅玲), general manager of ACE Group, predicted that there will be more than 10,000 vacancies at China-based Taiwanese companies, which may help to alleviate the unemployment problem here.

"Although Taiwanese employers are inclined to hire Chinese workers to save money on personnel expenses, they still consider recruiting Taiwanese people first because they are more reliable," said Yang Ken-cheng (楊肯誠), chief operating officer of the job bank.

But while there may be a shortage of financially savvy talent across the Strait, a revival in the Taiwanese stock market could cause similar shortages here.

To cultivate talent in the financial sector, Yuanta Core Pacific Securities Co (元大京華證券), the nation's largest brokerage, on Thursday signed a cooperation project with National Taiwan University's Department of Finance and National Chengchi University's Department of Money and Banking.

Yuanta Core Pacific will provide funding and training to students from both departments, according to the deal. Yuanta Core Pacific President Lee Chang (張立秋) said at the signing ceremony that his company would hire some of the graduates.

"I believe we can develop a more outstanding staff through this collaboration," he said.

According to a recent poll conducted by, owing to the rise of the financial holding sector, 31.83 percent of graduates with finance-related majors found a job within two months of graduating this year, the fifth highest among all job categories.

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