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Migrants camp on bridge to Mexico

Hundreds of Central American migrants bedded down overnight on a bridge separating Guatemala and Mexico, and many squeezed against a metal border gate as efforts to halt a trek north by a caravan of thousands of people gathered pace under US pressure. US President Donald TrumpFULL STORY

Blame exchanged for Indian train disaster

India’s railway officials and local community leaders yesterday traded blame over an accident in which a train ran over scores of people gathered on the tracks for a festival in Amritsar, killing at least 59. A large crowd had formed near the tracks on the city’sFULL STORY

Coalition setback after Sydney vote

Australia’s embattled conservative coalition was heading for a spectacular defeat in a crucial by-election yesterday, as analysts declared victory for a high-profile independent candidate. The loss, if confirmed after counting finishes, would snuff out the Liberal-National coalition’s one-seat parliamentary majority. It would also be the biggest-ever swingFULL STORY

Mercury trip to explore cosmic origins

Is Mercury’s core liquid or solid, and why — on the smallest planet in our solar system — is it so big? What can the planet closest to the sun tell us about how our solar system came into being? An uncrewed European-Japanese space mission, dubbedFULL STORY

New York witches to livestream hex on Kavanaugh

Melissa Madara was not surprised to receive death threats on Friday as her Brooklyn witchcraft store prepared to host a public hexing of newly confirmed US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh this weekend. The planned casting of an anti-Kavanaugh spell has drawn backlash from some ChristianFULL STORY

World News Quick Take

AFGHANISTAN Explosions delay vote Multiple explosions yesterday rocked polling centers across Kabul, causing dozens of casualties, amid growing anger as voters waited hours to cast their ballots in long-delayed legislative elections. At least 30 people have been taken to a trauma hospital run by the Italian non-governmentalFULL STORY

EU, Singapore to sign trade agreement2018-10-20

The EU was to sign a trade agreement with Singapore yesterday, the highlight of a two-day Asia-Europe Meeting of 51 leaders, and a signal of the EU’s push for open market accords with Asian countries. Leaders representing 65 percent of global economic output were expected toFULL STORY

SE Asia hails multilateral air encounter code2018-10-20

Southeast Asian nations yesterday agreed to guidelines to manage unexpected encounters between their military aircraft, with host Singapore calling the pact a world first and saying they would encourage their international partners to join. The agreement, signed by ASEAN defense ministers at a conference in Singapore,FULL STORY

China instructs HK media to counter ‘external forces’2018-10-20

Chinese officials urged Hong Kong media to help prevent “external forces” from challenging Beijing’s authority, in the latest sign that the Chinese Communist Party is laying the ground for a tough new security law. Hong Kong media executives received the warning during a visit to BeijingFULL STORY

China reflects after rural woman’s suicide2018-10-20

The suicide of a woman in China’s Hunan Province who drowned herself and her two children after believing her husband had died has prompted a national debate about life in rural areas for women. The husband, surnamed He (何), had allegedly faked his own death toFULL STORY

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