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FEATURE: Rabbi’s daughter opens ‘kosher’ sex shop


The rabbi’s positions are too liberal for some, particularly when it comes to homosexuality, but too conservative for others since he assigns different roles to men and women.

In her sex shop, Chana Boteach navigates between prejudices and taboos, such as the prohibition by some rabbis of oral sex.

She said that according to Jewish law, “women, whatever they want in bed, the husband is required to give to them.”

“So people say oral sex and all these things are forbidden, but actually anything that a woman wants is required. Her husband has to ensure that she orgasms, that she enjoys sex.”

Calling herself religious, Chana Boteach defends the niddah, or abstinence during menstruation.

“When a woman is menstruating, she has to separate from her husband for two weeks,” she said, adding that it allows for “a little bit of mystery.”

She said that she has only received a few nasty comments online since her shop opened in July — “‘this is not a job for a religious girl,’ weird comments, but no threats.”

Her next foray will be the US, she said, and maybe even Jerusalem, the city sacred to Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

“I would love to open it [a shop] there one day,” she said, but added: “It would have to be underground in Jerusalem.”

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