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Train food cooked in filth

Food served on trains is prepared in filthy conditions with little regard for hygiene or health, a news channel said on Friday, citing a report by the state-run railways’ officials. CNN-IBN said it had obtained an internal report that said food was cooked in “dirty, smelly and waterlogged pantry cars” and in one instance, samosas, a popular snack, were kept in a basket with mops. The report also said passenger trains are infested with cockroaches, according to the English-language channel. “In the Shramjivi Express, the water used for washing coaches was also used for cooking and in the Bihar Sampark Kranti, samosas were found kept in a dirty basket along with mops,” the channel said, quoting from the report. The report was prepared after Indian Railways carried out a series of train inspections in February.


Man kills family, takes nap

A man slit the throats of his wife and three children then slept alongside their lifeless bodies before turning himself in, police said on Friday. Hasan Fadli, 41, went on the rampage on the Indonesian part of Borneo island after getting into a row with his wife about whether the family could afford to pay for their son’s circumcision. He used a spear-like device designed to harvest fruit from oil palms to kill his wife, 31, and children — a 12-year-old boy, a four-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy, police said. “He slept in the same bed as the bodies,” local police spokesman Hadi Pambudi said. In the morning, he “reported his crime to the security guard of the palm oil company where he worked,” the spokesman said. He was living with his family in a housing compound run by the company in a remote part of Central Kalimantan. Fadli said he heard voices before the attack, police said.


New mold named after royals

A newly discovered species of orange-colored mold has been named after soon-to-be king Willem-Alexander and his family, the scientists behind the move said on Friday. The mold was named after the Prince of Orange, the title given to the crown prince, “because what distinguishes this penicillin is its orange color, a very rare phenomenon,” Pedro Crous, head of the Dutch CBS-KNAW fungal research center, said in a statement. One mold has been called Penicillium vanoranjei (“of orange” in Dutch, in reference to the royal house of Orange-Nassau) and one P maximae, after his Argentine-born wife, Maxima. The other three are named P amaliae, P alexiae and P arianeae, after the couple’s three young daughters.


‘Doctor’ charged with assault

A Belgian ex-policeman masquerading as a doctor was charged and jailed on Friday for allegedly sexually assaulting at least eight female patients, prosecutors said. The 57-year-old man, who was not named pending trial, was also charged with illegally practicing medicine as an alternative “energy therapist” without a license, Verdun head prosecutor Yves Le Clair said. Police were alerted to the suspect when a Belgian woman and a French woman complained to authorities that they were touched sexually by the man during sessions in his clinic in Dun-sur-Meuse, near Verdun. Le Clair said eight alleged victims had been identified so far, all women aged between 40 and 60 who were stricken with illnesses not able to be cured by conventional doctors. The suspect had been forced to resign from the Belgian police service after being convicted in 2006 of breaking police confidentiality. He was put under investigation in 2007 by the Belgian police after starting a Web site offering to cure children of certain maladies. He was detained on Friday pending trial.

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