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Hundreds join ‘No Pants’

Hundreds of people in Mexico City shed their pants and skirts to take part in the “No Pants Subway Ride” prank that was observed on Sunday, just for laughs, around the world. Young and old of all ages participated in the stunt in the Mexican capital, held once a year in dozens of places, the movement said on its Web site. Organized by New York City-based prank collective Improv Everywhere, the annual event was launched in 2002 and has since spread to more than 60 cities. In places as far apart as Bangkok, Jerusalem, London, Sofia, Stockholm, New York and Washington, participants — fully clothed on top — rode the subway while showing off their panties, briefs and boxers, organizers said.


Christmas CDs hacked

About 50,000 CDs of Christmas carols sent to households by a children’s charity actually contained the words to pro-Nazi songs sung by the Hitler Youth movement, public radio NDR reported on Sunday. SOS Children’s Villages spokesman Roger Damm told NDR the CDs might have been hacked by a far-right group. Both the German branch of the charity and the production company that made the CD have lodged a complaint in Munich for incitement to hatred, Damm said. Hitler Youth was a paramilitary Nazi youth group aimed at training members to serve the Third Reich.


Mutilated dog recovering

A dog reportedly mutilated by drug traffickers is recovering at a sanctuary for abused and abandoned dogs. Sanctuary owner Patricia Ruiz says Pay de Limon (“Lemon Pie”) was fitted with prosthetic front legs last year. The Belgian shepherd mix now walks, jumps and runs. Ruiz says the dog was left in a trash can to die after his two front legs were cut off. She says people who asked her to help Pay de Limon told her that drug traffickers used the dog to practice for mutilating humans.


Steam engine honors Tube

Sunday morning Tube riders in London saw an unusual sight on Sunday: a 19th-century steam engine chugging down the tracks. Transit officials sent the Met Locomotive 1, built in 1898, down London’s Metropolitan Line to mark the 150th anniversary of the city’s Tube network, the world’s oldest. Hundreds of train fans, costume-wearing enthusiasts and curious onlookers gathered at platforms and bridges across the city to watch as the locomotive traveled non-stop from Kensington Olympia station to Moorgate station. London Mayor Boris Johnson was among the invited passengers. He said the trip was “romantic,” describing “thick clouds of white steam going past and then bits of soot coming through from the engine.”


Adoption ban protested

Thousands of people marched through Moscow on Sunday to protest a new law banning Americans from adopting the country’s children, a far bigger number than expected in a sign that outrage over the ban has breathed some life into the dispirited anti-Kremlin opposition movement. Shouting “shame on the scum,” protesters carried posters of President Vladimir Putin and members of parliament who overwhelmingly voted for the law last month. Up to 20,000 took part in the demonstration. Opponents of the adoption ban say it victimizes children to make a political point.

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