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Grandma killed for money

Police in Goa said on Thursday that they had arrested two teenage males on suspicion of killing their grandmother and taking her money to gamble on Indian Premier League cricket matches. The youngsters, aged 14 and 15, were among a gang of five held by police for the alleged murder of 65-year-old Linda Cajetan Andrade, who was found dead and naked in her home last month. The group are suspected of stealing 400,000 rupees (US$7,100) and some gold ornaments from her home. “These boys wanted money to bet on the Indian Premier League and the [soccer] Euros,” police superintendent Arvind Gawas said, adding that the cash was used for betting, but that it was unclear how much was gambled. “After the murder and robbery, they sold all the gold and distributed the money amongst themselves,” he said. The five accused were picked up from different locations in the south of Goa after one of them confessed to the crime, Gawas said.


Officers told to slim down

The police are cracking down on portly officers after only a quarter of the 19,000 officers in Punjab Province passed a fitness test. Police officers in the South Asian nation are widely seen as corrupt and ineffective. Now their weight is coming under the spotlight as well. The plump police, responsible for safeguarding the most populous province, were warned in letters to trim their waistlines to the regulation 96cm by the end of the month, local newspapers reported on yesterday. Those who fail may be removed from field duties, The News reported. This week, local television channels have been repeatedly screening footage of overweight officers. They were shown snoozing in chairs, talking on the phone and standing belly to belly, buckles straining.


Roman jewelry unearthed

Glass jewelry believed to have been made by Roman craftsmen has been found in an ancient tomb in Japan, researchers said yesterday, in a sign the empire’s influence may have reached the edge of Asia. Tests have revealed three glass beads discovered in the fifth-century Utsukushi burial mound in Nagaoka, near Kyoto, were probably made some time between the first and the fourth century, the Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties said. The institute has recently finished analyzing components of the glass beads. It found that the light yellow beads were made with natron, a chemical used to melt glass by craftsmen in the empire. “They are one of the oldest multi-layered glass products found in Japan, and very rare accessories that were believed to be made in the Roman Empire and sent to Japan,” said Tomomi Tamura, a researcher. The finding in Japan may shed some light on how far east the empire’s influence reached, Tamura said.


Safe sex campaign launched

A sexual health charity asked the country’s men to don condoms for a “sex hour” on Thursday to raise public awareness about safe sex. The sex education organization RFSU had urged men to tear themselves away from television coverage of the Euro 2012 soccer quarter finals for an hour of prophylactic-protected pleasure with a willing partner. The campaign is a result of a study which found that Norwegians were the most sexually active Scandinavians, while at the same time using the least protection, exposing themselves to sexually transmitted diseases, chlamydia in particular. Our motto is sex is good, sex improves your health,” RFSU sexologist Sidsel Kloeew said. Sixty-two percent of Norwegians between the ages of 20 and 35 years did not use a condom the last time they had casual sex. The country has 20,000 cases of chlamydia every year.

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