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Austrian seeks to break highest free fall skydive record

AFP and the Guardian, BUENOS AIRES and LONDON

The prospect divided Argentines, with blogs hosting debates between those who felt it would honor fallen heroes and those who sensed political opportunism and jingoism.

The British nuclear-powered submarine HMS Conqueror sank the cruiser with three torpedoes on May 2, 1982. It was outside the British-declared exclusion zone, but then-British prime minister Margaret Thatcher ruled that it was a threat and approved the attack.

The loss of life and firepower shocked Argentina’s ruling military junta. The Sun’s famous headline, “Gotcha,” aggravated the nation’s anger and grief.

Argentine media reported on Tuesday that the government also wished to name the first division cup “Gaucho Rivero” after Antonio Rivero, a cattle herder who lived on the islands and is credited by some Argentines with “rising up” against British rule in 1833.

Rivero led a group of Argentine laborers and creole Indians that killed five prominent British settlers, becoming a folk hero. Some historians said the rebellion was a dispute over pay and conditions, not politics, and that Rivero was a common murderer.

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