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Nursing home fire kills 10

A blaze swept through a nursing home in Siberia yesterday, killing at least 10 people, officials said, the latest in a series of deadly fires, many of them caused by rampant neglect of safety rules. Rescuers evacuated more than 300 patients from the nursing home in the Omsk region after the fire erupted in the early hours yesterday, but 10 patients died in the blaze, Emergency Situations Ministry spokesman Viktor Beltsov said. He said the hospital fire alarm system functioned properly, but a nurse on duty was away at the moment it went off and failed to immediately alert patients and call firefighters.


Stonehenge pulls in crowds

Thousands of modern-day druids, pagans and partygoers were converging on Stonehenge late on Wednesday as people across the northern hemisphere prepared to welcome the summer solstice -- the longest day of the year. The sun will rise at 4:58am on Thursday, welcomed by an estimated 20,000 people expected to crowd around the ancient circle of stones in Wiltshire, southern England, to witness the event. Solstice celebrations were a highlight of the pre-Christian calendar and in many countries bonfires, maypole dances and courtship rituals linger on as holdovers from Europe's pagan past.


Two die in prison brawl

Two inmates were killed and about four dozen guards and prisoners were injured in a massive brawl between two rival gangs at a prison in Ciudad Juarez, authorities reported. The two gangs, the "Aztecas" and the "Mexicles," which have faced off before, began fighting after prison authorities relocated some of the prisoners to other cell blocks. Prison director Fernando Romero Magana said the fighting continued for about two hours, until 300 police and riot officers quelled the unrest.


Man who hid kid facing trial

A man accused of keeping a runaway in his home for a decade and having sex with her has been sent back to jail from a state hospital, where he has been since he tried to kill himself four months ago. The move paves the way for Thomas John Hose to stand trial on Tuesday. He was returned to jail earlier this month, according to the Allegheny County jail. Hose, 49, stabbed himself just before his trial was to start in February. The trial was delayed again last month, when his attorney said Hose had anxiety problems and wanted to hang himself. Hose is accused of taking in a 14-year-old girl and, for a decade, keeping her from leaving the tiny home he shared with his parents and son.


Conjoined twins doing OK

Conjoined twins surgically separated at their fused spinal cords were in fair condition in Salt Lake City, Utah. "That doesn't sound very good, but they are out of intensive care and improving," Primary Children's Medical Center spokeswoman Bonnie Midget said on Wednesday. Allyson and Avery Clark had surgery on Tuesday, a day before turning eight months old. It took 66 minutes from the first incision to separate them. Their spinal cords were joined at the lower back and made a U-shape. Nurses said the twins, in separate beds for the first time, had a good night and interacted with each other when awake, Midget said. "Everything is going very smoothly," she said.

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