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■ Japan
Suicidal wife kills husband

A 42-year-old woman in central Japan was arrested on Saturday for allegedly killing her husband after he tried to stop her from committing suicide, officials said. Police arrested the woman after her husband died from a stab in his chest, according to police official Masatoshi Sakata in Anjo City in Aichi Prefecture. The couple's younger daughter saw her father trying to stop her mother from killing herself with a small knife, Sakata said. Soon the parents of the husband joined him trying to stop the woman from jumping from a window on the second floor of their house, the police official said. The husband, Toshihiko Yamamoto, 46, collapsed after apparently being stabbed by his wife in the chest and he was confirmed dead at a hospital, he said.

■ Australia

Cosmetic surgery law mulled

Shocked by an apparent rise in the number of teens seeking breast implants, Botox injections and nose jobs, the leader of the nation's most populous state has said new laws are needed to make it harder for young people to go under the knife. New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma told the Sunday Telegraph that the number of people under 18 seeking cosmetic surgery had recently gotten out of hand. "It used to be the case that the biggest question parents faced was whether to give their children permission to have their ears pierced," Iemma told the paper.

■ Malaysia

Would-be gigolos conned

Men are being conned by newspaper ads supposedly searching for male gigolos to service Western and Middle Eastern women, newspapers reported yesterday. The New Straits Times said men had gone into debt with loan sharks in order to pay deposits to a recruitment agent who promised them a lucrative job as a male escort. "I worked out in a gym to make sure I looked good, and was strong for my clients. I even drank lots of essence of chicken," lamented a victim of the scam who identified himself only as "Martin." He said he had waited for hours to see a nonexistent client in a hotel room and had gone into hiding after borrowing his 1,000 ringgit (US$270) deposit from loan sharks who he was unable to repay.

■ East Timor

US hospital ship arrives

US naval hospital ship the USS Mercy arrived yesterday off the capital, Dili, to provide humanitarian and civic assistance to the people of the impoverished country, an embassy statement said. "[The ship] will provide a broad range of assistance to include specialized surgical procedures, general medical and dental support, and training opportunities to host nation health care providers," the statement said.

■ Australia

Cryonics center approved

A biologist has won approval from health authorities to build the region's first cryonics center for freezing people when they die in the hope of revival in the future, reports said yesterday. Philip Rhoades, 54, told the Herald Sun newspaper it was believed to be only the third such center in the world, and that he and his family would be among the first to be frozen in minus 150oC liquid nitrogen. Rhoades has already spent A$650,000 (US$490,000) developing plans for underground storage at Cowra, about 200km west of Sydney. He said there was a need for a cryonics center in Australia because religious fundamentalists could sabotage established operations in the US or the US government might outlaw the process.

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