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■ China
More dogs to be slaughtered

A second Chinese local government said it will launch a mass slaughter of dogs after 16 people died from rabies in the last eight months, Xinhua reported yesterday. Officials in the eastern city of Jining, in Shandong Province, said on Thursday they would kill all dogs within 5km of villages where rabies was found. The announcement came just days after Mouding County in Yunnan Province beat 50,000 dogs to death after three people died of rabies.

■ China

Officials wreak revenge

Two officials cut off power to a hotel after they were not invited to its opening party and forced managers to drink spirits before they would turn the electricity back on, a state newspaper said yesterday. The officials, who were subsequently fired by the power company in Hunan Province, said they would lessen the power outage by one hour for every bottle of baijiu -- a strong grain-based alcohol -- two female managers drank, the Beijing Times said. The loss of power also caused chaos and black-outs for surrounding residents, it added.

■ China

Poll reveals AIDS ignorance

City-dwellers in China are ignorant about their risk of contracting AIDS, according to an Internet poll scheduled for release yesterday. The Zogby poll shows more than a third of male respondents admitted they go to prostitutes and found that men and women alike rarely discussed AIDS with their sex partners. "The survey reveals some cause for concern, as respondents present a dangerous mixture of complacency and ignorance about sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS," Zogby International said.

■ Japan
A-bomb victims win lawsuit

Atomic bomb survivors seeking government recognition that they suffer from radiation sickness to boost their compensation for medical expenses have won a lawsuit in Hiroshima, a news report said yesterday. Kyodo News agency reported that 41 plaintiffs won the suit at the Hiroshima District Court. The plaintiffs were also seeking ¥3 million (US$26,075) in damages.

■ China

Acid spills into canal

A ship carrying more than 200 tonnes of concentrated sulfuric acid ran aground in east China, contaminating a 10th century canal, state media reported yesterday. Environmental officers poured 200 tonnes of liquid alkali into the waterway to neutralize the acid after the spill occurred early on Wednesday in a section of the Grand Canal near Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, Xinhua news agency said. Navigation along the polluted section of the canal was banned for nearly 12 hours. The vessel, which was two-thirds under water, was due to be removed from the historic canal yesterday, the report said.

■ Philippines

Film star drops by for coffee

Film icon Jackie Chan (成龍) visited the Philippines yesterday for a few hours to promote a coffee shop he plans to open in Manila. Chan landed at Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport in a chartered private jet, airport authorities said. The martial arts star came from Hong Kong, which was being battered by typhoon Pripiroon. The same typhoon pummelled the Philippines earlier in the week, killing eight people. "I had a very tedious flight, I risked my life," he told reporters. "I love the Philippines. Long live the Philippines." Chan was in Manila to drum up investors' interest for the Jackie Chan's Java Coffee, his new coffee shop chain.

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