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Chinese utility official apologizes for pollution

The chairman of the Chinese unit of French utility Veolia Environment has apologized to the public after a cancer-inducing chemical was found in tap water supplied by the company, Xinhua news agency said. Benzene was found in tap water supplied by the Lanzhou Veolia Water CoFULL STORY

Chinese lawyer says civic talks obstructed

Chinese police blocked a prominent human rights lawyer from meeting a top German politician, the lawyer said yesterday, in the latest example of curbs on government critics in China. German Deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel was unable to hold talks with members of Chinese civil society duringFULL STORY

Japanese court condemns sailor suicide cover-up

A court condemned the Japanese Ministry of Defense yesterday for hiding evidence that proved there was a link between a young sailor’s suicide and his vicious bullying by a senior officer. The Tokyo High Court ordered the government and the officer to pay more than US$700,000FULL STORY

Grief and outrage at memorial for South Korean ferry’s student victims

Thousands of mourners yesterday paid tearful respects at a temporary memorial to the hundreds of student victims of South Korea’s ferry disaster, as the grim search for bodies entered its second week. The confirmed death toll stood at 150, but 152 passengers are still unaccounted forFULL STORY

FEATURE: One year after disaster, nightmares still fresh for Rana Plaza’s workers

Minu Akhter has not slept properly for a year. Every time there is a noise, she wakes up fearing the roof will cave in. She cannot go to the upper floors of a building in case the staircase gives way. Since the collapse of Rana PlazaFULL STORY

Thai PM given more time in critical legal case

Thailand’s Constitutional Court yesterday gave crisis-mired Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra more time to submit her defense against allegations of abuse of power, which could see her removed from office. The prime minister, who is facing a cascade of legal challenges to her tenure as wellFULL STORY

Pirates steal from Singaporean tanker in Strait of Malacca

Pirates stopped a Singapore-owned tanker in the Strait of Malacca and stole several million liters of diesel fuel it was carrying, Malaysian marine police said yesterday. Marine police deputy commander Abdul Rahim Abdullah said the tanker was sailing from Singapore to Myanmar when it wasFULL STORY

Rio slum residents battle police over dancer’s death

A Rio de Janeiro slum was engulfed in violence late on Tuesday after the killing of a popular local figure infuriated residents, who set fires as they rained homemade explosives and glass bottles onto a busy avenue in the city’s main tourist zone. Intense exchanges ofFULL STORY

US troops head to Poland, Baltics

The US is deploying 600 troops to Poland and the Baltics to highlight its commitment to NATO allies amid tensions with Russia over Ukraine, officials said on Tuesday. In a show of solidarity, a company of 150 soldiers from the US Army’s 173rd Airborne Brigade basedFULL STORY

Anti-censorship activists in Mexico protest telecom bill

Hundreds of students and activists marched in Mexico’s capital on Tuesday to protest a telecommunications law being debated by the Mexican Senate that they say will allow the government to arbitrarily censor online content. Protesters carrying signs reading: “No to censorship” and “Freedom of expression” walkedFULL STORY

Austerity breeds nostalgia for old regime in Portugal

Inside the Cova Funda restaurant in Portugal, a yellowed portrait hangs over the bar depicting former Portuguese prime minister Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, who gripped the country in his fist for decades. Forty years after the Carnation Revolution of April 25, 1974, swept away theFULL STORY

Asteroid apocalypse more likely than believed: group

The chance of a city-killing asteroid striking the Earth is higher than previously believed, a non-profit group building an asteroid-hunting telescope said on Tuesday. A global network that listens for nuclear weapons detonations detected 26 asteroids that exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere from 2000 to lastFULL STORY

World News Quick Take

MEXICO Man dies in oxygen chamber Authorities have detained a doctor and three other employees at a clinic after a patient was found dead inside a hyperbaric chamber. The State of Mexico’s top prosecutor, Miguel Contreras, said 60-year-old Filemon Consuelo Loria was found inside the oxygen machineFULL STORY

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