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Taipei dominatrix spills her secrets

By Wang Chun-chieh and William Hetherington  /  Staff reporter, with staff writer

A Taipei-based dominatrix, who goes by the alias “Wang Hsiao-hsin (王小欣),” has lifted the veilon her experiences and the services she is asked to perform by clients.

Bastinado (whipping a client’s feet), bondage, wax play and forced ejaculation are among the services she is regularly asked to perform, she said, adding that she does not engage in sexual intercourse with clients.

Wang said she first became familiar with bondage, discipline, dominance and submission and sadomasochism (BDSM) when she was 24, seeing it performed in Japanese pornography.

She entered the industry after responding to an online job ad looking for a “trample queen” model.

“It was then that I discovered that I could trample on and hit people, and even earn money doing it,” she said.

Wang first engaged in BDSM with a boyfriend at the age of 26.

He worked in advertising and was always stressed, she said, adding that he was eager to try BDSM when she suggested it one evening.

“We went to a sex shop to buy props and ask questions,” she said. “When I started spanking him he became uncontrollably aroused and starting sucking on my feet.”

Wang felt excited about discovering her boyfriend’s fetish and being able to “switch on and off” the BDSM at will, she said.

Wang, who said she has been practicing as a dominatrix for two years, described herself as proficient at trampling, animal transformation fantasy, slapping and insulting.

Clients can make special requests, she said, but she draws the line at activities involving bodily fluids.

Wang said she only accepts male clients and they tend to have a high pain threshold, some even asking to be whipped with rattan stalks.

“They suck on my toes, smell and lick my dirty underwear, all sorts of perverted behavior. It makes me feel honored — as if I’m a real queen,” Wang said.

Wang’s clients come from a variety of backgrounds, such as engineers, teachers, military officers and university students.

“I charge NT$5,000 per session... this is just supply and demand. If there are people willing to pay you to abuse them, then why not? A lot of people try to disguise prostitution as BDSM, which is why I don’t have sex with clients,” she said.

Asked if she is worried about being exposed as a dominatrix, Wang said she hopes to keep her BDSM activities quiet, as she has a regular full-time job.

BDSM activities are not illegal, but very few people engage in them, she said.

“Many people see it as perverted behavior and look at me in a strange way. So I hope to keep it private,” she said.

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