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Navy officer faces legal proceedings after school scene

THREE CASES:A Defense Command sergeant and an army colonel have also been handed punishments for sexually assaulting a fellow service member

By Jason Pan  /  Staff reporter

A navy petty officer faces legal proceedings after he allegedly lashed out at police officers at a kindergarten in Kaohsiung yesterday, while earlier this week, military investigators confirmed that a unit leader at an army base in Penghu County was dismissed after an internal probe found him guilty of forcing a male soldier to perform oral sex.

In yesterday’s case, a 26-year-old petty officer surnamed Hsieh (謝) was reportedly out drinking with fellow officers based at the city’s Zuoying Naval Base.

Police received a call from the staff at a kindergarten, who reported that a man reeking of alcohol was sleeping on their premises.

When police woke him up, Hsieh reportedly became violent, attempting to hit police officers and throwing chairs before being subdued and taken to a police station.

Hsieh admitted to drinking with fellow officers the previous night, but said he had no idea how he came to be asleep in the kindergarten, police said.

He did not recall attacking the police officers, they added.

In Penghu, a 33-year-old sergeant at the Penghu Defense Command was found guilty of sexual assault after an internal investigation.

He was handed four major demerits and was dismissed from the military.

The sergeant allegedly forced a male soldier under his command to perform oral sex.

The soldier reported the incident and produced tissues containing the sergeant’s semen as evidence, investigators said.

Penghu Defense Command Political Warfare Section head Wang Wen-pei (王文培) said that the sergeant was discharged from service on Thursday.

In another case, a colonel at the 10th Army Corps based in Taichung was sentenced after a previous ruling was upheld convicting him of groping a female sergeant in 2015.

The Taichung branch of the Taiwan High Court on Thursday upheld the guilty verdict, but handed down a suspended sentence, meaning the colonel could retain his pension.

The female sergeant testified that the colonel called her into his office to submit a report, where he groped and attempted to kiss her.

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